Three Great Indies From EGX 2018

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By Gary Gray

EGX might just be the UK's answer to E3, and Nintendo had a massive presence this year, bringing a whole ton of games along for the public to get their mitts on. Massive titles are flooding the Nintendo Switch over the next couple of months, not to mention well into 2019, including such titles as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and so much more.

Complementing the heavy hitters is a whole bunch of independently developed games from smaller studios, so I thought I’d give you all a run down of the top three titles I played at this year’s EGX. Untitled Goose Game, amongst others, also looked amazing but I didn’t get the chance to play them. There was so many games on show this year, we were kept incredibly busy!



I’m so thirsty for another shot of Advance Wars that any old plonk will do, but Wargroove is no bottle of vinegar. In fact, it’s more of a fine champagne.

Turn-based tactical RPGs seem to have made a nice home on the Switch, with the likes of Octopath Traveller and the influx of Final Fantasy games that are on the way. The same goes for pixelated graphics that harken back to the SNES era. Wargroove is a perfect blend of tactical gameplay and charming retro aesthetics.

The spiritual successor to Advance Wars in many ways, fans will be completely happy to hear that there’s modern touches and advanced (pun intended) mechanics such as online play and stunningly smooth animations. These contemporary additions give Wargroove enough of a buff to potentially be a modern day, retro-inspired masterpiece in waiting.


Sometimes you need a good couch co-op game to make and break relationships. Catastronauts is taking all the chaos and charm of Overcooked beyond the skies and into space. Much like Wargroove, it’s easy to see where Catastronauts draws its inspiration from, though where the main look and feel of the gameplay is very close to Overcooked, Catastronauts sees you and your crew trying to fight off an enemy spacecraft by loading lasers with batteries and repairing any damage that your spacecraft takes.

Possibly the biggest difference is in the levels themselves, each one has its own unique mechanic, from escaping solar flares by hiding in a panic room, to the enemy teleporting bombs directly into your ship that you have to then dispose of. Keep your eyes peeled for this one if you get your kicks from yelling at your friends and family members, it hits the Nintendo Switch soon.



Windjammers is an old Neo Geo arcade game that's getting another life on the Nintendo Switch. Nostalgia-tickling graphics and 90s flare are fully intact in this high action frisbee game.

I got a chance to play it against Phil, our editor, and much to my surprise it was more tactical than I initially thought. There’s two different ways to throw the disk towards the goal, a straight through or a looping lob. Combining these with different throwing angles makes for some really intense matches (when you’re not trouncing me 14-0 eh? - Ed).

I can see some great, quick split Joy-Con matches when Windjammers launches October 23rd

Were you at EGX this year? What stand out indie titles did you get to play, and which ones are you looking forward to playing again? Let us know down in the comments!

Gary is the co-founder of and writer for Nintendo Village. A fan of not only Nintendo, but all things gaming, the GameBoy is where his love first blossomed. His favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.

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