Immediate E3 Reactions


So Nintendo's E3 presentation has finally been delivered, and we got a fairly in depth look at Smash Bros for Switch - now called Super Smash Bros Ultimate - as well as a bunch of other games that are coming to Switch. Some games though, were conspicuous in their absence. Nintendo Village writers give their immediate impressions from this years' Nintendo E3 Direct.

Pat Lunn - Writer/Reviewer

A fantastic presentation. Nintendo promised a tight focus on Smash Bros and they delivered, however it was the opening of the presentation that interested me. The Switch has cemented itself as a strong console but I’ve felt that it’s taken on the form of a preferred second console to the other big two (which has only increased its sales and popularity). I’ve been wanting to see third party developers give the console the love it deserves with some more adult titles.

Opening the show with Demon X Machina gave me another gritty, adult title for the console and with some more mainstream appearances from Fallout Shelter, Fortnite and FIFA I really felt that the Switch wasn’t being treated as a secondary device, supported only by Nintendo, and was instead being shown as a major console in its own right.

This position was then solidified by the sizzle reel of upcoming games which, in my opinion at least, matched the offerings from both Sony and Microsoft for the coming months. Add in the content that got a little more focus, like Pokémon Let’s Go, Super Mario Party, Fire Emblem as well as, last but not least, Smash Bros Ultimate and you don’t have to have Princess Zelda’s foresight to tell that Nintendo are about to have an incredible couple of months.

I know a lot of gamers may discount the Nintendo press conference when deciding who won E3 but if you ask me they are the clear front runners.

Vishaal Bedi - Writer

After feeling the E3 itch for the past few weeks – I’m still left wanting to scratch after Nintendo’s Direct. There was tremendous hype given the past two E3s, which maybe is unfair, but my expectations were certainly higher. The Direct seemed to come and go in an instant. It was great to see a new Mario Party title announced - it makes perfect sense for the Switch as an on the go and party system.  It was a big surprise to not hear or see anything related to the Yoshi game that is still slated (for now) as a 2018 release, nor the rumoured Star Fox Grand Prix game.

Ultimately, the game I was most intrigued for was Smash Bros. and we got that. I wasn’t expecting to see every character from every previous Smash and it’s a huge accomplishment to pull that off. To me, the new game feels like a celebration of the franchise.  

I was disappointed to not see more new characters. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have my favourite Cloud from Final Fantasy VII but I was looking for that “wow” moment and it never really came for me. An appearance from Goku or Banjo Kazooie would have provided a spark. As expected, we’ll be able to use GameCube controllers with the latest Smash entry; however, I don’t think we’ll be getting a controller packaged in the bundle as we did with Smash on the Wii U. Whether Smash Bros. Ultimate will have DLC remains to be seen but I’m hopeful we’ll get some new characters down the line. Patience is a virtue as they say.

Fans of the Pokémon series were given a chance to see some hands on gameplay of the upcoming Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee which look beautiful, though personally I’m still holding out for the true next generation Pokémon RPG in 2019.  I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t see any news about Metroid Prime 4 but was hoping for a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD collection to get people excited about the series in the meantime.  

Fans of Fortnite should be thrilled to see the game finally coming to Switch, and becoming available today.  It was probably unrealistic of me to expect Nintendo to focus on the N64 classic at E3 but I was hoping for an acknowledgement that it is coming this fall.  Let’s hope for some more announcements as E3 continues this week.

Phil Myth - Editor

Oh boy did that Direct fly by. It did seem to end rather abruptly, so I was a little taken aback when I looked at my watch after Ridley's reveal and saw it had been going for 45 minutes. That shock I think was because I was expecting a little more.

The deep dive into Smash was precisely what I'd been hoping for and as more and more returning characters were reeled off I jokingly exclaimed that Sakurai was putting every character from Smash into the game. Who knew I'd be right!? That is a serious achievement and makes the roster absolutely jam-packed from day one. The laser focus on the little tweaks that have been made to various characters and techniques really drove home the point that Nintendo are taking eSports - and the Smash community - seriously. The fact Ridley has been included after years of fans asking for him is a nod to that community too.

I was glad to see all my amiibo will work with the new game too, and during the Treehouse Live stream following the Direct, Bill Trinen confirmed that Daisy, Ridley and Inkling Girl are all getting Smash line amiibo. There's no word yet on whether any of the returning characters - like Snake and Wolf - will get some amiibo love. My heart hopes they do. My wallet hopes they don't.

Away from Smash, Mario Party looks great! A long overdue return to the sort of mechanics we were used to in the original games by the looks of it, and there's some really interesting ways the Switch is utilised in the mini-games. Fortnite is a great addition for the Switch (and a massive shock to everyone, I'm sure), and that sizzle reel threw up some interesting entrants to the Switch's library too. My predictions on FortniteFIFA, and Dragonball FighterZ were all spot on. Just saying.

Still though, overall I did feel like the Direct was a little underwhelming. Fire Emblem showed up as expected, but the absence of Yoshi is rather baffling. Especially considering it's supposed to be a 2018 game. I'd never have expected Xenoblade DLC, so that's intriguing, but I was sure they’d give us some more content for Super Mario Odyssey and that’s nowhere to be seen.

Plus, I can't help but be disappointed that Metroid Prime 4 was absent. I know, I know, it's a 2019 game (at the earliest), but still. A simple trailer would've been nice. No Bayonetta 3 also struck me as odd.

There's a lot of games there that we already know are coming that didn't make an appearance. Still, it means that the next Nintendo Direct should have plenty of titles to entertain us with.

Antonio Guillen - Writer/Reviewer

Nintendo’s pacing was excellent up until the end when they went on a character-by-character deep dive into (so far as I'm concerned) relatively insignificant changes. Sony and EA’s disastrous formats cost them major points this year and were in stark contrast to the action-packed presentations by Xbox and Nintendo. Let’s hope most will learn a lesson and stick to the proven, banter-free, rapid-fire announcement format next year.

I believe most will agree the highlights of any E3 revolve around the unexpected, the things we want to see but aren’t sure we’ll get. Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC, Killer Queen, Overcooked 2, and the cel-shaded mech game Daemon X Machina came together to deliver in spades.

Would it have been nice to see a few more unexpected reveals, yes! I feel for Animal Crossing fans but Nintendo has made it a point to not show their full hand. We wouldn’t want to be stuck in a situation like Sony where you have little surprises left after pulling back the curtain too-early and too-often. More surprises are sure to come in Direct announcements before year's end.

My very favourite part of E3 is the ‘Available Now’ game announcement. There is no sweeter fruit in the E3 arsenal then delivering something to bite into after you’ve spent days eyeing everything on the gaming menu to come. What did Nintendo have? Fortnite! One of the most popular games around at the moment.

Yes the announcement was ‘leaked’ but this year, what announcement wasn’t? I love the game and being able to play in bed is going to be a game changer for me. It’s my go to pick up and play right now, and Nintendo Peeps have finally got it. Hollow Knight is also intriguing at the $15 USD price point I just might pick it up.

I didn’t have too many predictions going into the Nintendo Direct, but one game was at the top of my wish list: Mario Party. I literally screamed out in delight when Super Mario Party was announced. True, many entries in the series have been poor, but I just have the feeling that Nintendo has learnt from past mistakes and will take advantage of the new unique hardware to give us a quality entry. I’m excited to see more of the game because of the immense potential for simple and frantic party play that can now break out spontaneously thanks to the hybrid console.

Smash Brothers Ultimate. With a December 7th date. Every fighter EVER included AND two new fighters announced in the form of Daisy and Ridley (with a slew more to come if you know anything about how this works) BOOM. Oh and Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee looked great in the footage in the Treehouse post direct, don’t sleep on it.

Nintendo delivered in every key area. They gave me great games to play now, got me excited for the future, showed me their biggest games and made my personal dice-rolling game board traversing wish come true. All that and they didn’t even dip into Nindies or Yoshi... wow. They get a solid A from me.

Gary Gray - Founder

When Nintendo changed over to Direct videos for E3, I thought it was a change for the best. From it’s hilarious Robot Chicken sketches to its clever Muppet crossover. However this year's E3 was missing some sort of personality in its format, with it being stripped down to a simple 'Reggie at home with his Switch', crossed with a normal Direct.

This might not be the most impactful way to present your E3 lineup, but it’s fine. So it’s all about the games right? If you break it down we got a lot, and sure, most of the announcements and games were brushed over with less than 30 seconds for each, but there was a tonne in the sizzle reel if you really look.

Here’s five stand-outs for me:

Super Mario Party
Great to see a Mario party game stand out, for more than a decade now I haven't been interested in them and that’s mainly because none of my family and friends care much about them. Calling it “super” is a much needed rebrand, separating it from the generically numbered entries. All in all Super Mario Party looks like it’s put the franchise back on the right path.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
The highlight of the presentation for me, some great new mechanics and a fresh HD look, definitely excited for it, and as expected pushed back from its original 2018 date to 2019.

Yes, Yes and Yes again! It’s nice seeing the one of the worlds biggest games come the Switch so fast, with added cross play? Yes please!

Daemon X Machina
And interesting looking game with a gorgeous art style. While not releasing until 2019,  it’s already become one the games i’m looking forward to the most.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
What can I say? Everything they’ve improved on is welcome in the biggest most definitive smash yet. Mix all the new content with all the old characters and levels and it’s a dream come true. 

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