Five Wii U Titles We Want Ported To Switch

By Matt Gibson

The Nintendo Switch is pretty dang great. It’s a console with a superb library of games, it’s sold just over 20 million units within 18 months, and you can play games anywhere. If you were to claim that the Switch is one of the best Nintendo systems ever, I’d likely agree. The ever-growing catalogue of games available on the system is arguably the biggest contributor to its success, with titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. And, of course, this repertoire includes ports of games from the ill-fated Wii U, Nintendo’s previous home console.

The Wii U wasn’t as big as the company had hoped, having only sold about 13 million units during its short 4 year lifespan. However, despite those rough times, some cracking games graced the system, which have thankfully been given a second chance on the Switch. Mario Kart 8 saw a greatly enhanced version released only shortly after the Switch launched, and it’s Deluxe iteration has now shipped over 10 million copies - more than the original ever did. Other titles such as Pokkén Tournament and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze have also made the jump and are enjoying their newfound success on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

So, it naturally begs the question: which other games that debuted on the Wii U are next in line to make the jump? If this is a burning question of yours, then this list should (hopefully) help to satisfy your query. Without further delay, let’s dive into the 5 Wii U games we’d like to see the return of on Nintendo Switch.

Pikmin 3 Banner.jpg

5. Pikmin 3

From legendary producer and designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the Pikmin series has been quite the favourite among Nintendo fans. Pikmin 4 was confirmed to be in development all the way back in September of 2015, but we haven’t heard much about it since then (and yes it is a seperate title to 2017’s Hey Pikmin spinoff).

I think a port of Wii U’s Pikmin 3 would be a great way to prepare fans for the next mainline installment in the series, similar to the Bayonetta games from earlier this year.

The Wii U GamePad played quite a big role in the gameplay of this title, yet if this was to get ported over, an on-screen map could be a good solution. If Pikmin 4 is set to continue the adventures of Alph, Charlie, and Brittany, it would be good to let Switch owners catch up with their previous outing. It could also launch alongside the previously released DLC, to give more incentive to people who played the original but didn’t delve into this bonus content.

Mario Maker Banner.jpg

4. Super Mario Maker

To put it lightly, Super Mario Maker was a pretty big game. Its main hook was allowing players to easily create their own levels, and this helped its popularity grow immensely across the internet, with fans sharing their creations for everyone to tackle.

This sense of community was one that was only really found with this game, thanks to the simplicity of the tools and the template. Whilst this was carried over to the 3DS port, you could no longer share levels online, tarnishing what made the original release so special. Needless to say, it would be great to get this game back on Switch.

Due to the handheld mode on the Switch, players could still construct levels with the touchscreen. Just imagine creating a delightfully devilish course on the way to an event, plugging your console into the dock and seeing people play it right there – no internet connection needed. Although a full blown-out sequel would be preferable, having an enhanced experience on the go would be great.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Banner.jpg

3. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Massive RPGs feel right at home on the Switch, so it’s only fitting that Xenoblade Chronicles X should come to the platform. Personally, I wasn’t too keen on the game initially, only clocking in about 15-20 hours. Nevertheless, being able to play a gargantuan adventure away from my TV sounds pretty exciting.

An enhanced version would benefit greatly from the Switch’s improved power, both in terms of visuals and how much content it could contain. With the rise in popularity of the Xenoblade Chronicles series as a whole, it would be good to get this Wii U exclusive onto Nintendo’s latest system. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has managed to sell over a million copies worldwide and Elma, a major protagonist of X, has recently made an appearance as a Blade too.

Wonderful 101 Banner.jpg

2. The Wonderful 101

Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 was certainly a cult-classic of sorts for the Wii U, although it deserved more than just a small following. The developer’s name should be able to sell the game by itself, having also worked on titles such as Bayonetta and Nier: Automata.

But, The Wonderful 101 feels pretty distinct from these two – focusing on a superhero-esque narrative with bright visuals, you ‘morph’ your team of heroes together to create super-sized weapons and objects to fight. If you’ve already seen lists like this article (which you undoubtedly have, if you’ve been following Nintendo for long enough), then I’m certain you’ve already heard of this game.

I simply think it’s earned a second chance to shine. Not only were there trophies and music in the last Super Smash Bros. game, but there’s certainly demand among die-hard Wii U fans for this bizarre adventure to make the leap.

There are potential problems in the guise of certain sections where the key action was only viewable from the GamePad, but this could be solved by having simultaneous views on the screen. The only thing that could top a port would be a sequel, and that would be truly wonderful.

Tokyo Mirage Session Banner.jpg

1. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

PLEASE, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E give Tokyo Mirage Sessions some love. Mixing Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei series and Nintendo’s Fire Emblem sounds like a match that’d make for a fairly decent game. I bet nobody would believe that this crossover happened, but the result was THIS game: an over-the-top, eccentric RPG based around popstars and the entertainment industry in Japan. It was beautiful.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions is probably one of my favourite games on Wii U - and arguably the most underrated. It has a superbly crafted battle system that grows more rewarding as you progress, and there’s so much personality integrated into it. It’s nothing too deep, but certainly isn’t shallow, as the 70+ hours I spent with it will attest.

I am biased in putting this title at the number one spot, especially considering games like Super Mario Maker arguably warrant a port more. Yet, I have an odd appreciation for this game, and I simply want more people to experience its absurdity. That is one of the main points of porting games over, right? And, if this boosts sales numbers as it deserves, then hopefully this spin-off will be able to continue.

With a lot of Wii U games either being ported over or having sequels of some kind (a la Splatoon 2), it’s quite natural to wonder what else will allow players to experience these games anywhere with the Switch.

In some ways, I’d like these titles to remain on this system. Sure, they may be stuck on the worst-selling, major Nintendo home console, but I like to think these few games give the Wii U some sort of legacy. It’s why I would be hesitant in requesting ports, especially when games like Super Mario Maker have their roots so closely embedded in the console. Besides, it could be tricky working around the lack of the brick-of-a-gadget that was the GamePad. Still, it would be quite sad to have one of Nintendo’s consoles rendered almost obsolete.

Ultiamtely, I’d like these games to have another chance to shine and a new audience to reach. The Switch has launched Nintendo to new heights, and more eyes are on them now than during the Wii U’s glory days – if you can call them that. To have some truly unique titles fall out of the current gaming spectrum would be quite a shame too. Plus, they could make for some fun replays.

That brings us to the end of this list, but what did you think of my selection? Don’t I have just the best taste in games, or am I mad for putting such a niche title at the top spot? More importantly, what games do you want to see make the jump to the Switch? Let us know down below!

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