Nintendo Village





Nintendo Village was formed as a way of bringing a wealth of content creators from across the web together under one umbrella. There's so many fantastic podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, artists, photographers and who knows what else that all do something special and unique, yet are united in their passion for Nintendo.

Phil and Gary, who themselves came together through their shared passion for all things Ninty, formed NV as a way of bringing more of those creative, passionate people together, uniting their communities and giving everyone involved a shared space to both promote their work, and also just nerd out together.

There's already a bunch of great creators who have become Villagers, but if you've got something you'd like to bring to our little community - be it an art blog, podcast, YouTube channel or anything else - drop us a line!



As well as the outside shows that call Nintendo Village home, we've got an awesome team of people writing reviews and articles, producing shows, and making content for NV directly!


Phil Myth - Phil is the co-founder and editor of Nintendo Village, and also writes, hosts and produces P Myth Gaming. He has been a Nintendo fanboy for as long as he can remember and owns every home console bar the Virtual Boy (one day... one day...). His favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Gary Gray -

Gary is the co-founder of and writer for Nintendo Village, and also hosts multiple shows including Topic Nintendo. A fan of not only Nintendo, but all things gaming. However, the GameBoy is where his love first blossomed. His favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.


Antonio Guillen -

Antonio specializes in video production, audio engineering and graphic design, and co-hosts the Switch Talk podcast. The Switch has brought him back to his first love: Nintendo. He turns to gaming for escapism, gravitating towards RPGs, FPS and Action/Adventure games. His favourite game of all time is Super Mario World.


Clay Howard -

Clay is a videographer and musician from Indianapolis and is a co-host on Switch Talk. Video games have always been a hobby and passion of his. Clay is a huge fan of Nintendo, 2D and 3D platformers, as well as any Disney video game. His favorite game is Donkey Kong Country.


Vishaal Bedi -

Vishaal has a background in Engineering, advocating for users through design research and storytelling. The Nintendo 64 was his first Nintendo console and he’s been a Nintendo kid at heart ever since. His favorite Nintendo game is Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Nathan Ellingsworth - Nathan has worked in the UK in TV & Film for years, whilst also dabbling in editing, presenting & stand up comedy. He's now focusing his energy on his life long passion of video games to justify still buying them at his age. His favourite Nintendo game will always be Pokémon Yellow, and it's the reason he's still playing to this day.


Ciara Hanstock - Ciara is a writer by trade and is our resident sub-editor. She’s only recently been revisiting games and Nintendo, but is loving being re-acquainted with the Mario characters that she once knew in childhood, and she enjoys playing newer releases like Snipperclips too.


Jack Gawn - Former Streetpass UK/Southampton event host, podcaster and YouTuber.

Jack, our Community Manager, has been a Nintendo fan ever since he was very young, but he’ll tell you that his favourite game is actually from a SEGA console in the form of a certain blue hedgehog!

You can catch up with him and the rest of the villagers in the Discord! Favourite Nintendo game: Star Fox 64